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About Us

Chris DePoorter along with his wife Jennifer are the founders of DePoorter Tax & Accounting, PC. Chris is a Tax Accountant with a Master’s in accounting. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Central Washington University in 1995 and his Master’s in accounting from Grand Canyon University in 2016.

Chris began his career as an Individual Income Tax Auditor for the State of Arizona. During this time, he discovered his passion for tax and accounting but more importantly real numbers. For the following eight years, he continued to work for the State of Arizona. In 2008, he was promoted to Corporate Income Tax Auditor. While in this roll Chris got his Master’s in accounting. In 2016, Chris left the State of Arizona and began working for a private company. He was brought on as a staff accountant but quickly moved up to Director of Tax and Financial Compliance.

In 2020, Chris opened his own firm, DePoorter & Accounting alongside his wife. Jennifer who is a paralegal with an Associate of Science in Legal Studies. Jennifer also has ten years of business administration.

Chris and Jennifer started this family owned business that focused on individuals and small business to help people just like them. Through their extensive education (both traditional and 15 years in the school of hard knocks – this thing called life). As an accountant at heart and having a service business that helps businesses and individuals with bookkeeping, accounting, and of course taxes – all kinds of taxes! DePoorter Tax & Accounting keeps the family friendly feel with the strong business sense that you need and expect.

On a personal note, Chris and Jennifer are originally from Seattle; and have been married for over twenty years. Chris enjoys spending his spare time hiking, mountain biking and reading action adventure books – his favorite author is Clive Cussler.

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