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Accounting & Bookkeeping

DePoorter Tax & Accounting can reconcile your bank accounts, identify errors and indicate book related adjustments, also present a list of potential tax adjusting entries so you may maximize your bottom line.

  • Review your payroll records and calculate your required payroll tax deposit, if necessary.
  • On a monthly basis, calculate and prepare any sales tax prepayment & tax return.
  • Record all income and expenses, make any adjusting journal entries, and keep an up-to- date and balanced general ledger. I will present a balance sheet and/or profit and loss statement to you on a monthly/quarterly basis.
  • Quarterly, I will prepare any necessary state and federal payroll tax returns. I will also prepare any necessary quarterly sales tax returns.
  • Annually, I will prepare all forms W-2 and /or 1099. I will also prepare any W-3 or 1096 forms, or I will e-file the equivalent data on your behalf.

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