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Clean Up Services

We fix customer and vendor accounts that have not been managed correctly. We review your accounts receivable and make the appropriate recommendations, adjustments and updates to your accounting file.

  • Look over our unpaid bills report for any additional corrections, updates, or changes that need to be made to your accounting files.
  • Reconcile your bank accounts and credit card accounts.
  • Locate discrepancies in your bank reconciliations
  • Reclassify transactions that have been incorrectly recorded into your accounting files.
  • Look over your working trial balance for misclassifications, data entry errors, and prepare a list of suggested adjusting journal entries to correct these bookkeeping mistakes.
  • Troubleshoot prior account balances that have been changed.
  • Review the setup of your accounting file and make any necessary corrections.
  • Find changes to your business’ fixed asset items.

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